"Each thing in its right place"

480This blog post may seem a little bit off-topic, but it actually has some bearing on the characteristics that built this website. In 1990, I (literally) ditched all my vinyl records and went all in for cds. In those days, cds were really expensive. Nowadays, you can buy used cds for as little as 20-50 cents. On weekends, I spend time in thrift stores and flip through cds. I mostly buy quality classic cds released on Deutsche Grammophon, Decca, Sony and Philips and the like. I flip through the cd racks and shelves with the speed of a hummingbird's wings. I often find something to buy. The store clerk always asks: "have you checked if there's a cd inside?" The clerks never ask: "have you checked if it's the correct cd inside?". I meticulously check the cd and its condition. A couple of weeks ago, I didn't follow the protocol and made a mistake. Back home, I discovered that the jewel case "Mozart* - Pinchas Zukerman, Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra* - Violin Concertos No.1, 2 & 3, Sony Classical SBK 46 539" had a misplaced cd in it, namely "Mozart* – 3 String Quartets, K. 421, K. 428, K. 458, Digital Concerto – CCT 644". A more normal person would maybe be slightly annoyed, but then let it go. However, this triggered something inside me. Clearly, this mishap was about principles, values and beliefs. I had a hypothesis: the previous owner/giver had mixed up the cds when he gave the cds to the store. I went back to the thrift store a couple of days later. I knew which cd I was looking for. After browsing through all cds in the store I finally found the cd (it was, of course, the next to last of all cds). I urgently and expectantly opened the jewel case. However, it contained another misplaced Mozart cd. Did I get discouraged or slowly trickle out from the store? No, I don't give up so easily. My hypothesis had been falsified. My new hypothesis was that the SBK cd could be found in the third jewel case. And this cd was in the last batch that I had held in my hands. Who seeks shall find; who sits with folded hands or sleeps is blind. And there it was! I checked the condition (near mint), paid 50 cent for it and left the thrift store with a smug smile on my face. Firstly, I had brought home cd no. 5 233 to my cd collection. Secondly, I had brought order, structure and predictability into the thrift store. Each thing is now in its right place and where it should be in the first place. And thirdly, I gave back the cheap cd "Mozart* – 3 String Quartets, K. 421, K. 428, K. 458, Digital Concerto – CCT 644" to a nearby thrift store so that the cd could come into circulation again. Did I overdo it? Maybe, but going above and beyond to make it right are the very same characteristics that have built this website.

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