10 shortest songs in the gothic country genre

About the list: This is a really ridiculous list. It's claim to fame is symmetrical reasons (as the counterpart to the longest song list). There's no component of valuation at all. Running time is absolute and cannot be questioned. Furthermore, the list is limited to albums I have in my collection. Anyway, here it is.



 Cover Song/Album Artist





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Baptist And Barbiturates / Blurry





Barely meets the criteria for a song. The time it takes to say the title four seconds, then it's over as quickly as it began. My strategy is to avoid demarcation problems by practicing avoidance. (0,04 min)







Raw And Bleeding / Country Bullshit




Those Poor Bastards

Defining evil doom country and formulating a mission statement in 21 seconds is quite of an achivement. "This is country music / As it was meant to be / Raw & Bleeding". Time efficient. (0,21 min)








(Preamble) / If We Can't Trust The Doctors 





This is a preamble in the literal sense of the word; a preliminary or preparatory statement; an introduction. "Someday, you'll find out / Someday, you'll find out / Someday, you'll find out / Someday" (0,28 min)








 The Spring Floods (Interlude) / Mountain Meadows




 Elliott Brood

This is an interlude in the literal sense of the word; a piece of music played between other pieces or between the verses of a hymn. The song precedes "Chuckwagon", a bone chrusher. (0,32 min)





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Face Mask / Head Home





O'Death combine elements of folk, bluegrass, punk, metal and Americana music. Was this recording intended as a song? It makes demos from other bands sound like over-produced Steely Dan songs. (1,01 min)





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Untitled / Revival




American Sinner

A very drunk monologe on an answering machine. It takes about a minute to come to the conclusion that it's an accordion and not a harmonica. "You gotta love the accordion. Fuckin A."  (1,03 min)




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  Intermission / Who Will Survive, And What Will Be Left Of Them?




Murder by Death

This is an intermission in the literal sense of the word; a pause or a break. Sounds like it was recorded inside a tin can. The song precedes "A Masters In Reverse Psychology". Good stuff. (1,14 min)





1401739331 65



Bone Orchard Rise / Ghost Ballads




Lonesome Wyatt and the Holy Spooks

The acoustic closing song on the album. Ghost Ballads was covertly recorded at the deserted, decrepit and allegedly haunted Maribel Caves Hotel (otherwise known as Hotel Hell) in Maribel, WI. (1,14 min)







Chaos / Thirty Minutes With Christian Williams




Christian Williams

Banjo-driven uptempo song. "Can you hear the people screaming? Listen close you’ll hear them say: We must take the war them – they won’t forget who made them change. We will fight!" (1,19 min)







Malamerica / Malamerica





Instrumental opening song from the debut album by Myssouri. It's not normal america, it's malamerica. The band name "Myssouri" refers to Missouri (the state). Long out of print limited edition. (1,22 min)


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