"The Lupercalia trilogy"


Ten years ago Munly & the Lee Lewis Harlots released their one and only album. The self-titled album is a masterpiece and also represented on the list 10 essential gothic country albums, read more here (opens in new window). When Munly & the Lee Lewis Harlots disbanded, Munly moved on to Slim Cessna's Auto Club and DBUK. But, there was still time and energy for more. Munly & the Lupercalians is a side project that started around 2006–2007. The name is binding. Lupercalia was a pastoral festival of Ancient Rome observed annually on February 15 to purify the city, promoting health and fertility. The plan was to release a series of multi-albums tentatively titled "The Kinnery Of Lupercalia” about the fictional town of Lupercalia and the people who live there (loosely based on the Peter and the Wolf composition by Sergei Prokofiev). The first album "Petr & the Wulf" was released in 2010. However, the years went by and I thought that this was both the beginning and the end of the project. Much to my surprise, in 2022 "Kinnery Of Lupercalia; Undelivered Legion" was released. And in March 2024 "Kinnery of Lupercalia: Buell Legion" opened for pre-order (release date 31 May 2024). The song "Harris" is available for pre-listening. Strangely and unexpectedly, the album will be released by Slim Cessna's Auto Club. You should probably not give it any deeper thought. Munly is the creative force of SCAC, DBUK and M&tL and the line-up is pretty much identical. Munly seems to have a clear vision for the project. Reportedly, he has a fictional map of Lupercalia. The framework was set from early on. The "Pre-History of Lupercalia" is available on Tumblr (originally published on Munly & the Lee Lewis Harlots Myspace page), read more here (opens in a new window). Plans are just plans, only in rare cases plans actually become reality.

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