10 best crescendos in the gothic country genre

About the list: Crescendo has several meanings. An instruction to play gradually more loudly, denoted by a long, narrow angle with its apex on the left (<) or a gradual increase of anything, especially to a dramatic climax or, figuratively speaking, the climax of a gradual increase. This list refers to all three meanings. 



 Cover Song/Album Artist





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Zero Point / Trinity




Sons of Perdition

From tranquility to inferno in 7 minutes and 17 seconds. The tempo and mood cranks up and ends in a splendid crescendo. This is probably how Armageddon will sound like. We will leave this world in style.





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Vengeance Gonna Be My Name / El Santo Grial: La Pistola Piadosa




Slackeye Slim

The crescendo begins about 2.48 and 3.52 minutes into the song, when Slackeye Slim goes beserk (Icelandic berserkur). Commonly used for something or someone out of control. But Slackeye Slim never lose control.





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Last Long Rattle / One Year Lost At Sea  




Reverend Glasseye

Emphatically and gradually Reverend Glasseye steps up and then gives it all that he got. This equilibristic demonstration goes straight to the heart. That is, if you happen to have a heart. Otherwise, don't bother.





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 Everything I Say / North Star Deserter




 Vic Chesnutt

Actually, I often fall asleep listening to this song. But I wake up with a jolt about 1.06 minutes into the song as I think the end is near. This is a great cresecendo. "Every little thing i say / Does me this'a way".





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Goose Walking Over My Grave / Munly & The Lee Lewis Harlots




Munly & The Lee Lewis Harlots

The expression means someone ("goose") walking over the place that one's grave was eventually going to be (said as a response to a sudden unexplained shudder or shivering). A crescendo it is, no less.





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Lowtide / Broken Hymns, Limbs And Skin





O'Death is known for their intense and nervy style. This song is no exception and contains a great crescendo. "I heart the heat / I caught the waves too / You've done to me / Not all the base too".




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 Blindly / Malamerica 






A gothic western song with a minimalistic cresecendo from Myssouri. I can almost visualize Ben Cartwright and his three sons Adam, "Hoss" and "Little Joe" riding down to settle the scores.








Ten Ton Hammer / Sing It Ugly




Those Poor Bastards

It's open to interpretation if a song which is a crescendo in its entirety really can be regarded as a cresecendo. "Got me a ten ton hammer /
It's gonna be my voice /
Got me a ten ton hammer /
Now you got no choice".







My True Body / How I Loved You




The Angels Of Light

The Angels of Light marked a less brutal style than Swans. However, it's brutal enough. The album cover is a photograph of Gira┬┤s mother, Alice Schulte Gira from "That American Look", Look Magazine in 1949.







Chuckwagon / Mountain Meadows




 Elliott Brood

The title refers to a type of field kitchen covered wagon used for the storage and transportation of perishable food and cooking equipment on the prairies. Before this band got preppy they used to be good. 



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