10 magic live moments

About the list: I'm not particularly interested in Youtube, but here are some great live moments. The list contain both well-known and obscure artists. To start the videos just click on the picture (opens in a new window). 



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.357 String Band / Rollin' Down the Track




Historic Turner Hall, Milwaukee, WI 11/25/2011 

.357 String Band goes out in style on their home ground. At the time they flew under my radar. I would have liked to have been there, but I have to make do with this video. There will never be another ”bluegrass” band like this.





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David Eugene Edwards / Straw Foot 




Seattle, WA, September 2009   

David Eugene Edwards (16 Horsepower and Wovenhand) has the same hypnotic magnetism as Rasputin. A good example of the luminosity is this video where he plays "Straw Foot", closing song on "Secret South" from 2000.  





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Kristin Hersh & Vic Chesnutt / Panic Pure





Foley's Cellar, San Francisco, CA, 06/03/2000


Kristin Hersh and Vic Chesnutt on a shared bill performing Vic’s song ”Panic Pure” from the album ”West of Rome”. The interaction between them is perfect, especially the intertwined vocals and Kristin’s guitar playing. 





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 Jayke Orvis & the Broken Band / Lead Me Astray



 Linneman's Riverwest Inn Milwaukee, WI 07/14/2012


Watch Jared, James, Jayke and Liz in "Lead Me Astray", especially from 2,48 minutes and forward. I saw them at their farewell concert in 2014, see link. They didn’t go quietly into the night. 





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The Helldorado Two / Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down





The Helldorado Two is a highly obscure band. This traditional song has been severed covered. But this version is filled with extraordinary intensity and fervor, which should lead to a climb in their obscurity index. 









The Handsome Family / Far From Any Road





Lochside Theatre, Castle Douglas, UK 06/25/2008 


A video long before the song was chosen as the theme song for True Detective. "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" The song was great already when it first appeared, on ”Singing Bones” in 2003.  





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 Jim White / A Perfect Day to Chase Tornados





Masthugget, Göteborg, Sweden, 2008

Jim White performing ”A Perfect Day to Chase Tornados” with the landmark Masthugget Church (Masthuggskyrkan) in the background. No film editing or special effects here, just Jim playing and singing. Less is more.  





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The Victor Mourning / Taste My Hand





Austin Acoustical Cafe, 2011 

The Victor Mourning performing ”Taste My Hand” from their album ”A Handful of Locusts”. Watch what you say or you'll "Taste My Hand". The performance gives the concept presence a new and deeper meaning. 




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Reverend Glasseye / 3 Ton Chain



TT the Bear's,  Cambridge, MA, 10/20/2006



Reverend Glasseye was too talented for his own good. Here in ”3 Ton Chain” from ”Black River Falls”. The sound quality is terrible, by any standards, but you will get the general idea.  





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The Monads / Man in Town




Off Broadway, St. Louis, MI, 10/30/2010


St. Louis-based bands Strawfoot and The Monads broke up at the same time. They made a joint farewell show that the audience never will forget. It seems to have been chaotic, but very fun. 




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