10 best quotes in the gothic country genre

About the list: I'm very amused by the quotes within in the "gothic country" genre. They were never meant to be quotes and are just "cut out" as quotes by yours truly. Here are the top ten quotes. They are also published in a blog entry, see link (opens in a new window). 



 Cover Artist Quote

Quote refers to


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Christian Williams



"Let’s be honest: this type of music is an acquired taste" 

 the limited interest in gothic country from major record


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Zebulon Whatley

(Sons of Perdition)


"I find it easiest to write what I know about. Religion is king
where I grew up... I'm never left without source material." 

 the source of his creative output


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Slackeye Slim



“Musicians are generally
pretty terrible people”


the difficulties finding musicians to work with


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 American Sinner



 "Social media ain't country"




their social media strategies and activities


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Reverend Glasseye


"A typical Reverend Glasseye show is typical only in that it's
fairly atypical"

 their live performances


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Lonesome Wyatt


”All of the hiss, noise and defects from the original recordings have
been retained for your listening displeasure.”


the liner notes on the triple-cd Moldy Basement Tapes



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 Uncle Sinner


"I pick the songs and adjust them for my needs, trying to hammer them into a shape where I can sing them without being phony or a wanna be.”




describing his working methods


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The Dad Horse Experience


”I see that in the scene are some pretenders who are "so daaaark"
and others who appear to be very truthful in their expressions.”



the future for artists/bands in the gothic country genre


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Reverend Elvis


"There are two kinds
of gigs. Normal gigs and weird gigs, I hate normal gigs.”



their live performances


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Josh T. Pearson


"What’s the difference between a musician and a large pizza? A
large pizza can support a family”


being a struggling musician


Before After Before