10 best album closing song in the gothic country genre

About the list: Positioning of songs on an album is a difficult art to master and often a neglected area. I find it very disappointing when too little effort and careful thought have been put in this process. The closing song is the most difficult to place. It concludes the album and, when it's done meticulously, wraps it all up. Here is my list. 



 Cover Song/Album Artist





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Psalm of Slumber / Psalms for the Spiritually Dead




Sons of Perdition

This is the end in so many ways. The last twisted words from Jim Jones with chords. "Hurry, hurry my children, hurry. All I say, let's not fall in the hands of the enemy." Read the full transcription here







My Ghost / Through the Trees (1998)



The Handsome Family

Many years ago Brett Sparks was hospitalized with the diagnosis of bipolar disorder. You won't get any cookies or tea until you stop quoting Nietzsche and brush your teeth and comb your hair. Very true.








Black River Falls / Black River Falls




Reverend Glasseye and His Wooden Legs

"Bury me in a lily white gown, here in Black River Falls…". Read about the book Wisconsin Death Trip and check out some of the amazing photos taken by Charles Van Schaick here.  True gothic horror.





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 Straw Foot / Secret South




16 Horsepower

American Civil War era. The soldiers didn't know right from left so the officers bind (hay) on the soldier's left foot and (straw) on the right foot. They could then march: "Hay-foot, straw-foot, hay-foot, straw-foot".





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Into the Piano / Consider the Birds





This enigmatic album ends with some distant piano echoing. Wovenhand has a very subdued and introvert sound and expression. This is their best album and a perfect album closing song.





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Just As Soon As I Wound This Man / Texas Whore Pleaser




Slackeye Slim

A cautionary tale about messing with somebody's wood pile. It ends badly. This album was never meant to be taken as anything but a collection of irreverent cowboy songs. It's a lot more than that.




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 The Lake Departed / Outside 






This album ends with heavy mangling and drone-out tones. A formidable wall of doom-sounding organ and percussion. Clearly, this is the end of the world as we know it. And I like it.  





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The Lash / Let the River Take Them Home 




Pinebox Serenade

Majestic album closing song with driving mandolin and drums. The closing song fits the album cover. Two transparent deer depicted against a gray-speckled background. Designed by Agnieszka Ledochowska. 




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A Lovely Coffin / Sabella




Lonesome Wyatt and the Holy Spooks

"If I were dead you'd be my coffin". A song beautifully sung with some scattered Addams Family tinkling in the background. "But I'm inside you / I'm inside you / Inside your skeletal frame".







Forsaken By Satan / Necrosphere




Those Poor Bastards

What TPB have to say in a song is usually said in about three minutes. This song is only one minute long. In short: Forsaken by Satan. Going back to God. That's it. Usually, it's the other way around.  


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