10 best one-album-only in the gothic country genre

About the list: This is a list of one-album-only. But what if there would be a second album? "What if" is a thought experiment. The definition of a thought experiment is that it considers some hypothesis, theory, or principle for the purpose of thinking through its consequences. Given the structure of the experiment, it may or may not be possible to actually perform it, and if it can be performed, there need be no intention of any kind to actually perform the experiment in question. A second album could be either fantastic or not so fantastic. Do we really want to know?  



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Hilarious Death Blues




Antic Clay

"A slow dark ride across the scorched hide of America. Think Johnny Cash riding a skeletal mule to Hell. Not without moments of beauty and hope, however." This is a double album and a class act.





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Tarantella is probably the best band you never heard. Taking their influences from the Southern Hemisphere, particularly Argentina, they created a unique sound. Still gothic, of course.





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Woodcat formed, crashed and burned, but stayed around long enough to release this enigmatic album. There’s not much information about the band. The story of Woodcat remains to be written.





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 Thin And Pale




 The Mountain Apple Epidemic

This is a great album. The Mountain Apple Epidemic a.k.a. Todd Sampson performed a cultural act when he decided to reissue his long out-of-print album “Thin & Pale”. I bought it and so should you. 





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Anatomy Of A Gun




Black River Brethren

With just a 17-minute EP as claim to fame they have engraved themselves. Black River Brethren are labeled "cowpunk", "creepy country", "goth-grass" and "grunge-country". They are all that and more. 





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The Blackthorns

CD Baby wrote: "With traditional tools, the Blackthorns play the sort of folk songs you'd expect to hear rising from the screen porch after a bomb has been dropped on a decaying Midwestern town." 




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 Songs One Through Eight







All band members also plays in Slim Cessna's Auto Club (SCAC) and in Munly and the Lupercalians. This is how you do things in Denver where one band is no band.












The Interpestuals

Not empirically proven to be an album and certainly not proven as the accompanying album cover (the photo watermark). Read about the greatest album that never was here  




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Bury Me Tomorrow




The Dirt

Well, not exactly one album. More like 1½ (an EP also). Fairport Convention cloned by Those Poor Bastards. And that is a good thing, indeed. Described as ”Scotland's finest purveyors of gothic country gloom”.







The Woods




 Ashcan Orchid

The site cdbaby reached new highs when they wrote: "Cantillating scandalous hymns of carnage and lament; brutal, honest and timelessly out of time come the sordid tales of Ashcan Orchid."



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