10 disappointing albums in the gothic country genre

About the list: The list is about disappointments. The site is dedicated to exploring and promoting gothic country, southern gothic, gothic americana, american gothic and dark americana and ...whatever. However, some blunt consumer guidance is needed to avoid unexpected and painful disappointments in your listening. 



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The Owl and the Bat and the Bumblebee 




The Roe Family Singers

After the debut “The Earth and All That is in It” came this album. This is a disappointing album if there ever was one. The Roe Family Singers took the wrong turn and kept on for mile after mile. 





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Days Into Years




Elliott Brood

What happened? After “Ambassador” and “Mountain Meadows” Elliott Brood moved in a mainstream direction and changed their fashion style to preppy-cricket-all-white. Unforgivable. 





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Big Dark Love





Murder By Death

Murder by Death has gone from strength to strength. Until this album with a total length of 32.37 minutes was released. However, the title track “Big Dark Love” gives some consolidation.





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 The Denver Gentlemen




 The Denver Gentlemen

They never managed to recreate the success of "Introducing...The Denver Gentlemen". However, mostly everything is a disappointment compared with that album.





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Fits Of Reason




Brown Bird

A gothic folk band should never experiment with Eastern sounds. This album makes this code of practice abundantly clear. This is a blot on their protocol and an obvious disappointment.





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Wild Animals





Trampled By Turtles

On their seventh album they tend to focus on the quieter, folkier aspects of their sound. This is, of course, a huge mistake. They should have kept their line of speed and precision. 




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 How to Make It In Hollywood





Curtis Eller's American Circus


Alas, Curtis Eller’s weakest album. This is due to the fact that it isn’t as heavy banjo driven as previous albums, but also because the songwriting ability has deteriorated.








A Southern Tale




Mark Sinnis

“A Southern Tale” is often regarded as a must-have album, but not by me. The album begins very strong, but then it’s all downhill from there. It’s hard to watch this take place.   




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Mark Lanegan Band

For some unknown reasons a favorably reviewed album and his most commercially successful to date. It says absolutely nothing to me. A highly overrated album, to say the least.







Where It Hits You




 Jim White

It really hurts me to point it out, but this is a disappointing album from Jim White. However, in the song “Chase the Dark Away” he shows his extraordinary songwriting qualities. 



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