"Pick Up The Steam"

PickupthesteamA popular and hard-fought misconception among some long-range tourists is that there are polar bears walking around on the streets of Stockholm, Sweden. You can laugh inwardly at it, but it’s not entirely far-fetched since it’s almost total winter when it comes to the swedish music scene. We find ourselves remotely located (58º 35′ N 16º 11′ E) caught between horrible Nashville cover nights (see my blog post here) and countless indie bands who are spending more time on their appearance than on their epigone music. The booking agencies are, as in all other places, focused on music for the masses. However, there some exceptions. Club Nuggets (a group of music enthusiasts, see link here) have arranged concerts with artists like Jayke Orvis and the Broken Band, Scott H. Biram, Joe Buck Yorself among others. The interest for this kind of music seems to increase in Sweden. A new festival PICK UP THE STEAM (swedish equivalent to Muddy Roots Music Festival) will premiere on June 13 2015 at an old railway area. The choice of venue is very symbolic (a small wedge under two bridges between the south of the inner city and a popular green belt). The festival will be arranged by Club Nuggets in cooperation with Rootsy Live, CGBG and Trädgård på Spåret (translates Garden on the Track, a nonprofit organization with the aim to convert a forgotten track area to a green and vibrant part of the city). Scott H. Biram, The Goddamn Gallows, Possessed by Paul James and Urban Pioneers among others will be playing. There will be no polar bears attending.


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