Abuse, Violation And Harassment…

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The other day I got a postcard from Radio Sweden, P4 (see picture left). I had apparently been “randomly” selected to participate in the jury of “Svensktoppen”. (For non-swedish readers: Radio Sweden is a Public service company. Svensktoppen is a programme that has been aired since 1962. Before 2003 the programme was strongly dominated by tacky dansband). However, "Svensktoppen" is the worst kind of commercial trorolo-mainstream-pop-r&b-wailing-autotune music programme you can possible imagine. And "randomly" selected yours truly, The Ambassador, for the jury? Yeah, right. It's an outrageous provocation against the Embassy and its staff. The Swedish Embassy of Gothic Country is - as you know - deeply involved in the cultural act of exploring and promoting real music made by real people. I will naturally decline due to health reasons. Mental health reasons, that is.


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