10 rarest albums in the gothic country genre

About the list: This list is about joy and frustration. I collect the albums in a physical form (cd). In several articles on this website I have highlighted the problem with the cd format: very small editions released on record labels that often no longer exist (or the re-release is zero) together with the fact that I’m living on the other side of the world. However, I’ve been equipped with the patience that withstands a comparison with Job. I have eight albums on the list.  



 Cover Album Artist





1401739331 65



One Year Lost at Sea 




Reverend Glasseye

Demos recorded from 2007-2009 in various locations across Austin Texas, telling angrier stories from a very defeated Adam Glasseye. Self-released. Silk screened cover. No. of copies: 50 or 100 (figures vary). 





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Built with Bones




Christian Williams

The "Holy Grail" of all Gothic Country albums. Ultra-rare and unsurpassed. A true masterpiece. The album will stand the test of time under all circumstances. Paper/ Cardboard Sleeve. No. of copies: 200.





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Carl Nemelka Family Photographs






O'Death put together a very raw, 10-track CD-R, entitled Carl Nemelka Family Photographs, to sell to concert-goers. Recorded by Joshua Benash. Self-released. Paper/Card-board Sleeve. No. of copies: n/a.





1401739331 65



 Hilarious Death Blues




 Antic Clay

"A slow dark ride across the scorched hide of America. Think Johnny Cash riding a skeletal mule to Hell. Not without moments of beauty and hope, however." 2 cd album. Stickfigure Records. No. of copies: n/a.





1401739331 65



Let the River Take Them Home




Pinebox Serenade

Out of print and extremely difficult to find (the curse of a release of relatively few copies on a company that no longer exists). Devil’s Ruin Records. Paper/Card-board Sleeve. No. of copies: n/a.





1401739331 65










A very rare album. Woodcat formed, crashed and burned, but stayed around long enough to release this enigmatic album. Self-released. Paper/Cardboard Sleeve. No. of copies: n/a.




1401739331 65



 Death Country





Reverend Elvis


Out of print and very hard-to-find. Death country from Germany. To avoid any confusions the album is also called "Death Country". This precaution is unnecessary. Devil’s Ruin Records. Jewel case. No. of copies: n/a.








In the Cold Light of Day





Out of print and very hard-to-find. Death country from UK. This particular twig of the subgenre can be termed british rural realism. Devil’s Ruin Records. Jewel case. No. of copies: n/a.




1401739331 65








Myssouri’s debut album. Long out of print and limited edition. You can hear the seeds of Antic Clay’s double CD "Hilarious Death Blues" in this early work. Self-released. Jewel case. No. of copies: n/a.











 Various Artists

The first (and best) of four outstanding compilations with dark roots music from legendary but defunct Devil’s Ruin Records. 2 cd album. Digipack (cd-r version in jewel case). No. of copies: n/a.



Before After Before