10 longest songs in the gothic country genre

About the list: This list differs from other lists I tend to do. There's no component of valuation at all. Running time is absolute and cannot be questioned. Furthermore, the list is limited to albums I have in my collection. Anyway, here it is.



 Cover Song/Album Artist





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Ill At Ease / Gospel Haunted




Those Poor Bastards

What TPB have to say in a song is usually said in about three minutes. This time they did the opposite and went the whole hog. "Though I know nothing and I hate silence / Ill At Ease / Ill At Ease" (12,30 min)







Hold My Hand / Always Say Please And Thank You




Slim Cessna's Auto Club

Some people claim that it's fair to say that Slim Cessna's Auto Club earned their spurs as a bar band. In this long song they give proof of concept. "Gather up your children / Gather your belongings" (9,55 min)








Quiet Waters / The Blackthorns 




The Blackthorns

There are many different branches and twigs in the gothic country genre. Imo, this is "dark industrial gothic country". Only six songs on their only album. This is the longest song. (8,40 min)








 All Seems Lost / Shy Ghosts




 T.K. Bollinger

A slow song with muffled drums and rimshots (drum machine rimshots). The mood is set from the beginning. This kind of ultra gloomy music needs sufficient time to unfold. (7,30 min)





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River Forktine Tippecanoe / Munly & the Lee Lewis Harlots 




Munly & the Lee Lewis Harlots

The longest song on this manificent album. Munly & the Lee Lewis Harlots was one of many Munly constellations. Nowadays he divides his time between Slim Cessna's Auto Club and DBUK. (7,28 min)





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Ears To The Snake / Thin & Pale




The Mountain Apple Epidemic

One of the best songs from his debut album. Released on legendary but now defunct Devil's Ruin Records (later re-released). The album cover depicts the "Adam and Eve" cylinder seal. (7,16 min)




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 Zero Point / Trinity





Sons of Perdition

From tranquility to inferno in about seven minutes. The tempo and mood cranks up and ends in a splendid crescendo. This is probably how Armageddon will sound like. We will leave this world in style. (7,15 min)





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The Western Lands / Giving My Bones to the Western Lands




Slackeye Slim

The title song ”The Western Lands” is one of the highlights on this album. It's almost hymnal in its structure with guitar, lap steel, whining and singing saw and vocals. This is an epic song. (7,00 min)







The Bastard / One Year Lost At Sea




Reverend Glasseye

One of the best songs on this album which was self-released in 50 or 100 copies (figures vary). Later re-released digitally. Reverend Glasseye was extraordinary gifted, but equally troubled. (6,53 min)







All My Lady's Woman / Introducing




The Denver Gentlemen

This is the real "The Denver Gentlemen". Later incarnations of the band tried to capitalize of the former glory. It didn't work. Not the best song on the album, but the longest. (6,35 min)


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