"The four missing albums"

One important aspect of my interest in gothic country, southern gothic, gothic americana, american gothic and dark americana and ...whatever is collecting the albums in a physical form (cd). This may seem to be a bit odd and old-fashioned, but I prefer something tangible and lasting. The last time I changed format was in 1990 when I (literally) ditched all my vinyl and went for cd. I'm not going to change format again (to digital, that is). I'll stick to cd no matter what happens. My preference of format makes it hard for me to (literally) get my hands on the albums in the "gothic country" genre. In several of the articles on this website I have highlighted the problem with the cd format: very small editions released on record labels that often no longer exist (or the re-release is zero) together with the fact that I’m living approximately 5000 km away from the local market. The day of the last album produced in cd format is approaching inevitable. However, it's not entirely frustrating trying to get hard-to-find albums. As a matter of fact, it's very rewarding when your efforts suddenly and unexpectedly pays off. I don't want to reveal any of my searching methods, more than to say that you have to adjust your methods depending on what your looking for. When it comes to cds, I have fortunately (?) been equipped with the patience that withstands a comparison with Job. It's also important to have some luck. But there’s no luck, without endurance and patience.



nemelka oneyearlostatsea No album cover popecrow 


However, the above shown albums have hitherto eluded me ("the four missing albums"). From left to right:

Carl Nemelka Family Photographs - O'Death (2004), cd-r, self-released, number of copies: unknown (at least for me)

One Year Lost At Sea - Reverend Glasseye (2009), cd, self-released, number of copies: 50 or 100 (figures vary)

Podunk - The Monads (2010), cd, self-released, number of copies: unknown (at least for me)

Pope Crow - Spitfire Tumbleweeds (2009), cd, TXMF Records, number of copies: unknown (at least for me)

I have never seen any of the albums for sale new or used in the cd format online (I don't even know how the Podunk album cover looks like, hence the generic cover image above). I will, of course, continue to search and will go through fire and water to get them, but these albums are on the verge of impossible to get. If you against all odds have a copy and want to sell it, please contact me. In any other case, this will probably be "the four missing albums".



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