10 most depressing songs in the gothic country genre

About the list: No academic contextualization, no babbling considerations, no stupid delimitations and not even any gothic country genre gibberish. This is just downright depressing. Here is my list.



 Cover Song/Album Artist



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Psalm of Slumber / Psalms for the Spiritually Dead




Sons of Perdition

Despair, agony and anxiety. This is how it feels when an elephant is standing on your chest. Sermon of Rev. Jim Jones: "without me, life has no meaning... I'm the best friend you'll ever have". Read the transcription here



Sad Song Of Sequin Island / Defiant




Christian Williams

In short: A husband and wife on an island. She's bored. He buys her a piano. Big mistake. Her fingers never stopped. He went as mad as she was. Maybe a little piano piece could lower the stress level? Oh, no. An axe...




Goose Walking Over My Grave / Munly & The Lee Lewis Harlots



Munly & The Lee Lewis Harlots

”She said ‘punch me in the stomach’ I said girl I do not know / if I punch you in the stomach that our child inside will not grow / She said ‘if you truly love me you’ll do this thing for me”.


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 Black / I See A Darkness




Bonnie 'Prince' Billy

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy isn't exactly known for writing the most cheerful of songs. This song is depressing. "Now black and I we are together / Fairly just inseparable / And in the terriblest of weather / Our bonds are incorruptible". 


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Marathon / North Star Deserter




Vic Chesnutt

Vic Chesnutt wrote a lot of depressing songs with equal peculiar and pitch-black lyrics: "...but all the recurring dreams, will increase and then peter out and cease, tears do evaporate, but oh so slowly like piss on toilet seat".


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Immaculately Warded Children / Songs One Through Eight




Goodness I call the habit, and goodness of nature, the inclination. "I feel pity for their lot and I secretly feel better/ Being generous with them reminds me of my heart".






Black River Falls / Black River Falls




Reverend Glasseye and His Wooden Legs

People died like flies, killed themselves or went insane. Read about the downfall of Black River Falls in the book Wisconsin Death Trip here.  True gothic horror. "Bury me in a lily white gown, here in Black River Falls…". 


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Everything Is Temporary / Behold The Abyss 




Those Poor Bastards

You might think that Jesus is going to save us all. Oh, no. TPB suggests that you might have to reconsider. There will be no saving. Actually, Jesus will shit on you. Strong and blasphemous words even by their standards. 


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Town / OldBoy





This is British rural realism. No green and rolling hills, no boiling teapots and no people wearing Barbour and driving Landrovers. This misantrophic song is depressing from the beginning to the end. "Lord, cleanse this town".  





Ride Careful / The Death Roots Syndicate




A Minor Plague

I don't know anything of this side-project. However, it has all the desirable attributes of Zebulon Whatley and Sons of Perdition. The gloomy song is, as always, performed in an epic and beautiful way. It's depressing allright.


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