"The correct trilogy"

480I'm a perfectionist in some areas of competence, while I'm a procrastinator in other areas. I take some pride in that the information on the website is correct and can be peer-reviewed for added credibility. Even the sun has its spots. A serious website editor isn’t afraid to make corrections if needed. Now there’s a need. Recently, I wrote a blog post about "The Lupercalia trilogy" read more here (opens in a new window). The correction is as follows: The "first" album "Petr & the Wulf" isn't a part of the trilogy. However, the album is a prequel to the trilogy with the stories of the fictional town of Lupercalia and the people who live there. In hindsight, two things stood out. First, the "Petr & the Wulf" album doesn't include "Kinnery Of Lupercalia" in the title. Second, the twelve years between the "first" and the "second" album should have made me suspicious. The correct trilogy consists of "Kinnery Of Lupercalia; Undelivered Legion" (released by Munly & the Lupercalians in 2022), "Kinnery of Lupercalia: Buell Legion" (will be released by Slim Cessna's Auto Club on 31 May 2024) and Kinnery of Lupercalia: Toombs Legion" (will be released by DBUK at an undisclosed time). The confusion could have been avoided if I had read "Chants, Calls, & Hollers". It's a chapbook featuring lyrics from the trilogy. The book is printed in a limited edition of 320 hand-sewn copies. All signed by the author. Words by Munly J. Munly and illustrations by Heather Reynolds. The man behind it all is notoriously difficult to interview. In fact, it's a futile exercise. The answers are vague, ambiguous, evasive and questioning. This could be an attempt to make yourself more interesting than you are. But more likely, you are a complex person with a distinct opinion and approach. In the light of this, releasing three albums with three "different" bands isn't strange. Munly is the creative force of M&tL, SCAC and DBUK and the line-up is pretty much identical. In an interview for the blog Supercorrupter, Munly says: "One day I wouldn’t be surprised if all three bands eventually became one". Suddenly everything makes perfect sense.

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