SchlaraffenlandI'm sick of the widespread stereotype image of musicians. They don't really do anything, do they? Only music, but how hard could that be? It's just easy living without any demands. Musicians are bohemians and don't like to make any plans. Instead, they simple turn on their musical tap and create in the spur of the moment. It comes without any effort just as in the fictitious land with many names; Schlaraffenland (german), Cockaigne (english), Pays de Cocagne (french) and Luilekkerland (dutch). Read more here (opens in a new window). However, every single musician I know is the total opposite of this tiresome stereotype. They are all hard working individuals, driven project leaders and entrepreneurials, masters of logistics and multitaskers by birth. In fact, most musicians could set up a complete circus including the trapeze in no time. And what about the bohemian approach? The work ethic is extremely strong: "Early is On Time, On Time is Late, and Late is Unacceptable". Ask any musician and you will hear the truth.



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