"Longing For Oblivion"

Giving My Bones to the Western LandsThe fall is coming. What could be more appropriate than a new album with Lonesome Wyatt, frontfigure of the magnificent Those Poor Bastards? The pre-order for "Longing For Oblivion" began on Friday September 8th. The formats needs its own chapter. There are three different colours of limited edition 180 gram vinyl: 1. white with black bat wings (100 copies), 2. green with a black blob emerging from the center (200 copies), 3. orange with black splatter (200 copies). There will also be 10 signed and hand numbered test pressings. No vinylmania for me. I ordered a cd. The pre-order will ship on or before September 22, 2023. From the album description "That old, painful feeling of nostalgia drops like a funeral shroud when autumn leaves begin to fall. All that was familiar suddenly becomes mysterious and unknowable. Here are ten songs that wallow in that fleeting, wearisome ache." This sound promising. In fact, this claim is backed up by short sound clips on the website. However, I'm looking forward to listening to the whole album. Lonesome Wyatt himself puts it like this. "This is a dark folk album full of all those fine feelings of loss, death and heartache that you know so well. It features the backing vocals of gloomster Eva Mikhailovna as well as a cover of Phil Ochs' mighty dirge of hopelessness "No More Songs." Beware! The time of doom is nearly upon us." On the upside: the affordable cd price, $12. On the downside: the sick shipping cost, $20. You almost get two cds for the price of the international shipping cost. Adding to this, another $10 for import taxes and administrative fees. This can't be the right.   

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