"Pre-order of Those Poor Bastards' Vicious Losers"

Blog TPB Vicious LosersToday I pre-ordered "Those Poor Bastards" upcoming album with the title "Vicious Losers". The official release date is October 7th 2014. Those Poor Bastards writes: "This is your final warning". The album will be available in almost every format there is (or was) except cassette. There will be three different versions of limited edition vinyl (200 copies each): gold with black splatter, red and deep purple A side B side, and bone/clear half and half, CDs and digital downloads. I ordered the cd, of course, since it's my preferred format. The album cover is very interesting. The Minister and Lonesome Wyatt in a old barn somewhere in rural Wisconsin (?). The Minister has complemented his burqa-curtain like mask with a feathered war bonnet, while performing a Native American dance (?). Lonesome Wyatt seems to make a reverse (with left hand) benediction gesture. This goes to show that everything is just as it should be. Those Poor Bastards maintains a high and consistent quality level in their album production. There is no reason to assume any deterioration. Their last album "Behold the Abyss" was released in 2012 and contained great songs like "Everything Is Temporary", "Your Faith Shall Be Tested" and "Sacrificial Lamb". Some of the titles on the new album sounds very promising: "Let Us Rot", "Give Me Drugs", "Born To Preach" and "Today I Saw My Funeral". What can we expect from the new album? Those Poor Bastards (who refers to themselves as the "Prophets of the Country Doom") are very clear on this point: "Get ready for the gloom". You can pre-order the album here.


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