10 most catchy songs in the gothic country genre

About the list: The gothic country genre is very serious and dominated by deadpan expressions. The doom and gloom are often piled upon each other. Lo and behold, by purpose or accident it sometimes gets quite catchy. Anyway, here is the list.



 Cover Song/Album Artist



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I Wanna Be Yer Zombie / Texas Whore Pleaser




Slackeye Slim

Even if you’re living dead you still have certain needs. The song comes with a beat and lyrics like "I'm even better looking the second time" and "I may be dead, but I'm still a man". Hilarious.





Pills I Took / Country Bullshit




Those Poor Bastards

Energetic drug romance with a sardonic remark set to music. "I'll never know what they were I'll never know where I got 'em, but they sure make me feel good". Cooking evil doom country.





3 Ton Chain / Black River Falls




Reverend Glasseye

This song unfolds with a smooth bass line and an unorthodox drum arrangement. "Mary held on to the three ton chain / Every little link was in our lord's name". Rev. Glasseye excels, as always.





 Kannibalen von Rothenburg / Gathered Blood




 Sons of Perdition

The nasty story of Armin Meiwes who achieved international notoriety for killing and eating a voluntary victim. You will find yourself humming: "Bleib weit weit weg von Rothenburg”.


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Ground Stump / Head Home 





Go ahead and try to sit still to this song. Resistance is futilte. The furious opening tempo slides seamlessly over into a more delicate passage. Changing tempo and moods is O'Death's strong suit.


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President 35 / Ambassador




Elliott Brood

In their early days Elliott Brood were interesting. After "Mountain Meadows" they switched over to an awful preppy style. In other words: all downhill from there. However, this is both good and catchy.



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  When Jesus Comes / Ballads and Mental Breakdowns




Uncle Sinner

Sampled spoken word from a record found in a thrift store in a small Mennonite town outside Winnipeg. The purpose seems to be to recruit members from a rival church. "I stand by your Minister".


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Death Don't Have No Mercy / The Long Winter: Vol 2




Christian Williams

Minimalistic yet catchy take on this traditional song arranged by Rev. Gary Davis. "Death don't have no mercy in this land... Death won’t give you time to get ready in this land."





Garbage Picker / If We Can't Trust the Doctors...





A song about the matter of appearance and whether or not you get your clothes from a dumpster. "Okay, I admit it, I'm a garbage picker / I guess that's why I picked you." Yes, that's why.





Reign in Hell / Blood on the Line




Pushin Rope

"Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven" is a quote from "Paradise Lost", an epic poem in blank verse by the 17th-century English poet John Milton (1608–1674). Much later it pops up in this context.


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