"Manchester, So Much To Answer For"

480Some say the term overrated in itself is overrated, or at least, overused. Not me. I embrace it. In an article published on the british website Far Out Magazine, Noel Gallagher picked out Beach Boys as "the most overrated group of all time". This is very ironic given that Oasis definitely is the most overrated band in music history. And the competition in this particular area is fierce. Oasis may have sold over 75 million records worldwide, but what is their lasting imprint and musical legacy? Null and void. I have got their first four albums and the following compilation album with B-sides. I never play any of them. I think that the reason is that Oasis didn't bring anything new to the table. Oasis is a bleak copy of Beatles and Rolling Stones, or more correct, an amalgam of the two. Oasis emerged in the Britpop era and rose to stadium level almost overnight in a media hype. The new Beatles or Stones? The desire to believe in something is part of human nature: we want to believe. Oasis became stars without any effort. "Strength of character is forged through enduring hardship and maintaining composure in the face of difficulties" said Marcus Aurelius. Oasis got everything served on a silver platter. A feud between the obnoxious brothers, Noel and Liam, added to the storytelling of the band. The Gallagher brothers instantly developed a grand view of themselves and their importance in the world. Of course, when the Britpop era faded out they became irrelevant. Time is a cruel judge of talent, isn't it? And what kind of hostile environment creates a breeding ground for bands like Oasis? "Manchester, So Much To Answer For".       

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